Are these reports accepted by insurance companies?

Yes, our professional certified appraisal reports are accepted by insurance companies, insurance agents, insurance brokers, property managers, risk managers and the courts.

Will my building be appraised by a certified appraiser?

Yes your building will be appraised by an experienced certified full time property appraiser. 

How does this service differ from online calculators?

Firstly you place yourself in the role of the appraiser and assume the risk of establishing a proper insurable value for your building.  Secondly on-line calculators produce very broad cost ranges and results vary greatly from one to the next.  Finally free calculators are not updated often and in today's marketplace that's dangerous. 

Can I get help completing your form?

Yes, as part of our program we provide toll free technical support. If for any reason you have a question while completing the form, contact us and we'll walk you through it.

Is the form very technical, do I need special skills?

No, we have worked very hard to create a data collection form that is in laymen's terms. The majority of the form is in check list style just read the question and check the appropriate box.

How long are these reports good for?

Indefinitely, as long as there have been no physical changes to the property they will last forever. The values do have to be brought up to date from time to time, but the input data remains the same.    Currently we are recommending appraisal updates every three years.