Veri-Cost property appraisal services and ccv insurance and financial have partnered to bring the fastest easiest most economical way to get a professional replacement cost new insurance appraisal for your property.

The Veri-Cost Report is a comprehensive certified appraisal report that conforms to CUSPAP/USPAP requirements. This report includes a signed letter of transmittal with the effective date of the appraisal, the stated purpose of the appraisal and a conclusion of value. Also included in the report is a summary style technical narrative describing the property, definition of cost, approach to cost, scope of work, summary of replacement costs, details of replacement costs, and assumptions or limiting conditions employed in the valuation process and a signed certificate of value by the appraiser.

Veri-Cost offers three levels of service for CCV clients.

Get a Remote Based insurance appraisal of any building anywhere in Canada.

This Remote Based service will provide you with a complete replacement cost new insurance appraisal report for any standard building type anywhere in Canada.  After your purchase we will be sending you all the necessary information you'll need to send us your building data.

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1- Our On-Line Appraisal Service from $279.00.                                              Complete our on-line building data form press submit we will take it from there and produce your replacement cost new appraisal report. 

2- Our Remote Form Appraisal Service from $349.00.                                      Same as our on-line service but it's pdf form based. Choose this building data collection option for off-line completion then email to our offices and we will take it from there and produce your replacement cost new appraisal report.

3- Our Site Inspected Appraisal Service from $595.00.                                       Choose our site inspection appraisal service for start to finish service.  We'll schedule a site inspection collect all necessary building data return to our office and produce your replacement cost new appraisal report.  Call us for a quotation at 1-888-222-1599 or complete our Quotation Request Form 


So Let's Get Started ....

example report

example report

Below you can view or download a report example showing you exactly what you will receive from us.

You can view a screen shot of the building form to see that it's not very technical.

If you have any questions we'll be happy to answer them. 1-800-222-1599 

Start your Veri-Cost service now and you will soon have the replacement cost new building report you want at more than a 50% savings over our site inspected service.  After you've made your purchase we will send you all the necessary information to start your service.  Support is available by phone or email with this service.

Thank you for considering our Veri-Cost service we know you'll be 100% satisfied.

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